Hannah's Top 10 Vegan Drinks (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)

Hannah's Top 10 Vegan Drinks (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)

'Is there anything more refreshing than a well chilled drink on a hot day? Not many people realise this but some drinks that seem vegan may actually have been put through a number of filtering processes leaving them not suitable for vegans or vitamins derived from aminals added.

It can be a bit of a minefield when you are new to veganism, so I've done the hard work and picked out a few of my favourites vegan drinks, both alcoholic and not so you don't have to worry. I try to drink sustainably and ensure packaging is recyclable, but that always is not possible.'

Hannah from @herbivorehan_ has worked with us to create a list of completely vegan drinks for all occasions. From vegan prosecco to vegan lager, this comprehensive list is suited to everyone. While it can be tricky knowing what drinks are vegan, we assure you that this list will have at least something you are looking for. 

All of Hannah's recommendations are available from online retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, Waitrose and Asda. Happy shopping!

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Hannah Layland
Vegan Food Blogger
  • Tesco
    Finest Picpoul De Pinet

    Hannah Layland

    This is everything that you want a white wine to be, light, crisp with very subtly citrus. The grapes for this wine were grown on the Mediterranean coast of France, and you can almost taste the sun and sea air in each glass. I would always drink white wine very cold, but this one tastes just as good lightly chilled. 

    The wine producers ensure that their wine does not impact the environment and remains sustainable, perfect for all environmental vegans! The wine is AOP certified, meaning it can only come from this region which ensures its quality- which obviously comes through with every sip you have.
  • Corona
    Extra Mexican Lager Beer Bottle

    Hannah Layland

    If in doubt about options when out and about, Corona is always the safest choice. This is a well known, completely vegan beer. Chilled and with Lime, it never tastes bad. This light, refreshing lager is perfect for any occasion and any time of the day. 

    In Mexico, fresh lime juice and ice cubes are added to the glass, which opens up the flavours so much more. They are perfect with tacos and nachos and the cool crispness cuts through spicy foods perfectly. Corona is always packed in completely recyclable bottles, cans and cardboard and contains no artificial flavours or colours.
  • Shake Baby Shake
    Passion Fruit Martini Cans

    Hannah Layland

    Lots of people I know love these cans. You can buy them as singles, 4s or by 2.5l bag boxes, which makes them perfect for taking along to picnics with friends or for having in the fridge when you don't want to get the cocktail shaker out. 

    Shake Baby Shake make cans slightly larger than their competition, but the price difference doesn't reflect that extra bit. They're fruity and fresh, you almost wouldn't know that they contained alcohol. I can imagine summer days with friends really benefitting from these! All the flavours are completely natural, and all packaging completely recyclable (just rinse out the cans) - another winner!
  • Fanta
    Icy Lemon

    Hannah Layland

    There is no drink I think about more than a Fanta lemon. The refreshing lemony taste never fails to bring memories of long sunny European holidays or days out with friends. 

    Fanta Lemon contains real lemon juice; however it definitely doesn't have the claims that other vegan, organic, artificial flavour free soft drinks do, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it is delicious. It's slightly more tart and sharper than a classic, setting it well above other lemonade options. The slight bitterness from the lemon juice prevents the drink from being too sweet, it's perfect for a hot day!
  • Alphabet Brewing
    Juice Springsteen

    Hannah Layland

    Another small company producing the best craft beers, the Juice Springsteen is one of their core range (in my opinion the best they make). Juice Springsteen is tropical IPA, so it's more fruity rather than overly hoppy which some IPAs really can be. 

    If your go-to is normally a lager, this could be the gateway IPA - it was for me! It tastes so fresh that it's so easy to keep drinking it, best when it's served slightly chilled, if you can find it somewhere on draught that's when it's at its best! I always pick this IPA when I'm having a burger.
  • Maison Sassy

    Hannah Layland

    Rose Cider has become a bit of a trend recently and for good reason, it's much lighter than the traditional variant and offers a bit of a better mix of tastes. If you're going to go for cider, the only place you should be getting it is from Northern France and Normandie, the home of apples! 

    Maison Sassy really know how to do cider, they've been making it since 1852. Maison Sassy offers a few types of cider, but the best is their Rose, its crisp and made from red skinned apples. It is a little tart but not overly sweet which regular ciders often can be.

    It's got a low abv of 3%, so doesn't really have that alcohol sharpness in higher percentage ciders. The rosé is made from 100% locally sourced apple juice, so the carbon footprint is minimal. I've added it to cocktails or drank by its self, it's just a great tasting drink however you do it.
  • Booch and Brew
    Organic Ginger Yuzu

    Hannah Layland

    Kombucha is a delicious alternative to a fizzy drink and is ideal if you're looking to cut down on your sugar. I'm not sure they have any science-based health benefits but they are full of gut-loving bacteria and loads of vitamins, so it can't be a bad thing to drink it often. 

    Booch and Brew is a small family run company making amazing organic Kombucha. All the flavours are natural, nothing artificial is added which I absolutely love in a drink. Every flavour is delicious, I love the citrusy zing that the Yuzu brings. A little tip: it goes amazing with a dry gin and plenty of ice.
  • Freixenet
    Prosecco DOC

    Hannah Layland

    Prosecco has to come from a certain region in Italy, but not all prosecco has to be vegan. Thankfully, Freixenet only makes vegan Prosecco, meaning it hasn't been filtered through animal products (yay). 

    It has a slightly higher price tag than other proseccos, some of which are vegan, but the bottle alone is worth that price difference. Both the Rose and White varieties of this wine are vegan and both make the perfect accompaniment to a meal or an Aperol Spritz. It is Italian after all. It's dry and a little tart, so if you prefer a sweeter wine this one might not be for you.
  • Jubel
    Peach Lager

    Hannah Layland

    For a craft brew, it's quite a low abv 4%, the peach flavour really cuts through and almost tastes like a fusion with a soft drink rather than a lager. Sometimes, a fruit flavoured beer can taste quite artificial, but this has a real punchy fresh peach flavour.

    It's the perfect daytime BBQ or picnic at the beach drink which completely makes sense when considering it is brewed in Cornwall. Environmental impact is something I take into consideration with all produce. Jubel has recently been certified as a carbon-negative company! So not only does it taste great, it's good for the world too!
  • Nix & Kix
    Premium Sparkling Natural Soft Drink (Assorted Flavours)

    Hannah Layland

    Nix and Kix are one of the only soft drink companies to offer BPA and plastic free packaging, so whether you buy a single bottle, can or multipack it is all completely recyclable. 

    They also boast that their drinks contain no artificial flavourings and no artificial sweeteners, so it's all completely natural - meaning it's slightly healthier than others? The Mango flavour really shines through in this, so if you love a fruity drink I'd go for this. Plus, the ginger and cayenne, while offering a slight kick, does not take away from the refreshing mango.

    Overall, it's light and sparkling rather than fizzy, so perfect with a meal or great with rum or vodka to make a quick almost cocktail.

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