Megan's Top 5 Best Bedding

Megan's Top 5 Best Bedding

'The bedroom is such an important space – it’s our sanctuary from the outside world, a place to relax and unwind, and most importantly, get a good night’s rest. I believe that a well-made bed can have the power to calm you after a stressful day or put a spring in your step in the morning – from both an aesthetic and comfort perspective. 

While quality bedding can sometimes feel a little expensive, it can transform a bedroom and define the look of your space. Whether it be organic linen sheets with a stylish crumple or crisp, hotel-worthy bedding that has five-star quality, your bed will look and feel all the better for investing in beautiful, comfortable bedding.'

Quality bedding can go a long way to provide a peaceful night's sleep and keep your bedroom looking its best. Working with Soho Home editor Megan Murray, we present to you some of the best bedding you can buy. From online retailers such as John Lewis and Soho Home, we are sure you'll find the perfect choice for your sleeping quarters.

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Megan Murray
  • Secret Linen
    Duck Egg 100% Linen Bed Linen

    Megan Murray

    I love the way linen looks and it’s such a big trend right now that I’ve been using it for both my curtains and bedsheets to get that laid-back, organic feel. Linen is such a versatile material because with the right styling you can give it a bohemian aesthetic, while darker colours and layering (especially on a bed) can also look really cosy.

    For me, Secret Linen Store is the best place to buy linen bedding because it specialises in 100% French flax linen which washes well, is durable and looks great. As you would expect with linen, this bedding has a crumpled effect – but that’s part of its charm. 

    Secret Linen Store has a huge variety of colours and after investing in some of the pastel hues I have found them to wash well and retain their colour. If you love super soft, luxurious bedding then linen might not be for you because the texture has a slight roughness. However, the material is breathable, so it’s great for a summer transition if you wanted to swap something cosier in for winter.
  • Crisp Sheets

    Megan Murray

    Crisp Sheets is the new, on-trend brand that proves that the Dutch do it best. And by ‘it’, I mean pretty much everything. Founder Lara Ourtane conceived the idea of a stylish, quality and fairly priced bedding brand in the Netherlands five years ago and Crisp Sheets is now starting to gain popularity in the UK. 

    Get ahead of your friends and seek out UK stockists (I wouldn’t advise ordering from the website as you’ll be stung with customs charges which can be nearly as much as the product). If you love colour, then this could be the option for you. 

    Crisp Sheets specialises in offering a really wide range of colours, all of which are spot on. From a lemon sorbet yellow to rich peony pink, these sheets will up your bedroom’s style game. The quality is good and durable, although the softness is so-so.
  • John Lewis
    Classic-Style, Scallop Edge Creamy Duvet Cover and Bedding Set

    Megan Murray

    Sometimes you just can’t beat classic, white bedding. It looks fresh, clean and timeless. And, if there’s any brand you can rely on for timeless products, it’s John Lewis. 

    I love the security that shopping with John Lewis affords and the knowledge that if for any reason my purchase was to malfunction, that customer services would be on hand to help. The scallop edge trim lends a pretty, feminine aesthetic and you could accessorise it with some floral-print cushions and a patchwork throw to amplify the vintage feel. 

    It’s made from 100% cotton which is a great fabric for sleeping in as it’s breathable and adapts to the temperature, keeping you cool in the heat and vice versa.
  • Soho Home
    Luna Duvet Cover - Charcoal

    Megan Murray

    With 30 members clubs and hotels around the world, you’d imagine that Soho House knows a thing or two about great bedding. The club’s interiors brand, Soho Home, brings together luxury and style with a relaxed range of bedding that exudes an aura of effortless chic. 

    The Luna range is crafted from 100% natural flax-fibre linen grown in Europe and woven near Porto, which is one of my favourite places in Portugal. There are a few muted colours available but I think that the pale pink is the most stylish. As with most linen bedding, there's no need for an iron because it has a tousled look, which in this case has been achieved with a stonewashing process to give it texture.
  • Tielle
    Classic Hotel Duvet Cover

    Megan Murray

    There’s nothing like slipping into a hotel bed to make you feel relaxed and pampered. I may not be able to go on holiday every night, but I do like to recreate that hotel feel with 300 thread count, luxury bedding from Tielle Love Luxury. 

    This brand actually supplies some of London’s fanciest hotels and The Pig, and I think if it’s good enough for them, it’s definitely good enough for me. Not only are the sheets really, really soft, I love that if you opt for a non-fitted bottom sheet, you will get that crumpled sheets look that you see in the films.

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