Silke + Kieran's Top 10 Essentials for Health & Wellness

Silke + Kieran's Top 10 Essentials for Health & Wellness

'Here you can find some of our favourite products that help us to live the healthiest, happiest life that we can. From organic oils to yoga mats and yummy drinks, everything you find here will help to calm and centre your body, mind and spirit and keep you connecting with nature as you flow through life.

So snuggle up under your favourite blanket, grab a yummy, warm drink and make your way through this list. Also, be sure to share your favourite Essentials for Health & Wellness with us over on Instagram - @SilkyRonTheRoad'

Silke and Kieran have worked with mybestUK to really get to the bottom of health and wellbeing. With a wonderful handpicked selection (including some promo codes), make sure to pick up a few tried and tested recommendations to give your body, mind and being the love it deserves. 

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  • Nirvana Nature Cure
    Neti Pot

    Silke + Kieran

    The Neti pot is an ancient Ayurvedic tool for nasal irrigation. To use it you pour warm salty water through one nostril, which comes out through the other and helps you get rid of extra mucus. 

    It also clears the nostrils to allow breathing freely, reduces cold and flu symptoms, reduces snoring, alleviates sinus headaches and so on! I first learned about it 10 years ago on my trip through India where they use it almost daily. I had to get used to it at first but soon started loving it, I could feel the difference in no time!
  • The Gua Sha
    Gua Sha

    Silke + Kieran

    I first learned about Gua Sha travelling through Asia. Someone was using a stone bruising a man’s back. I was intrigued. Gua Sha is a Chinese therapy that involves scraping your skin as a massage tool to improve blood circulation. Continued scraping causes blood vessels to burst which causes red or purple bruising.

    When I got one myself I learnt that they mainly use it on the face (no, your face will not look red or full of bruises, quite the opposite actually). Gua Sha gives your skin a lifted appearance and makes your contours more defined. I personally love doing it in the morning to get rid of the bags under my eyes. It also makes me feel so relaxed!

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  • Pro 11 Wellbeing
    Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

    Silke + Kieran

    As a dancer, I always searched for different ways to relax my body and mind after a long day of hard work in the studio, which had a big toll on our bodies. 

    When one of the dancers introduced me to a Shakti acupressure mat I knew I had to buy one! A Shakti mat is based on an Indian bed of nails, which has aided relaxation for over 5000 years! It has thousands of sharp spikes which apply pressure to the skin and muscles. 

    After 20 minutes of laying on this mat, your body and mind feel so relaxed! It helped me so much with a good night sleep too! I personally love this brand as this is the one I have always used and it did wonders!
  • Yogo
    Ultralight Folding Yoga Mat

    Silke + Kieran

    This little yoga mat is just absolutely perfect! It’s super compact which makes it so easy to travel with, has an incredible anti-slip and is super light! We have discovered Yogo about a year ago and have loved using the mat ever since! 

    We can’t wait to take it on our trip around the world as it’s hardly any extra weight and we can work out wherever we want. Being able to fold the mat makes such a big difference as it fits perfectly in our little daypack!

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  • Endoca

    Silke + Kieran

    As a person with epilepsy, I have always looked for a natural cure but couldn’t find one that worked for me. About a year ago I started using CBD as I heard about its amazing benefits and yes, it worked! 

    Not only did it help my epilepsy but also did I stop having painful periods. It helped my partner with his stress levels, helped my dad with his Arthritis and so many other people with different ailments. I have tried different companies before but stopped looking when I found Endoca as I could feel the quality of this earth medicine.

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  • Daniel Rama
    Becoming Balance App

    Silke + Kieran

    Looking to take your guided yoga practice, not only to the next level but everywhere you go? Then look no further. As travellers, we always look for practices along the way. We have always enjoyed yoga to calm our minds, get us centred and prepare us physically and mentally for the day. 

    During lockdown, we stumbled across these amazing teachers Daniel & Sarah. Not long after that we got the app and learned so much! Not only about the asanas, but also about meditation, mantras and the way of life. It’s the perfect preparation for our yoga teacher course but also if you have are just starting your yoga journey!
  • Fam Botanicals

    Silke + Kieran

    We all love a good oily massage! And who wouldn’t love it with some homemade, love-filled oil with ingredients sourced from organic farmers and wildcrafters? 

    These oils are pure medicine and have been serving us almost daily from giving massages to putting it on our heart as a heart opener and onto little cuts to speed up the healing process (yes, with Calendula we really noticed this). Calendula oil also serves as a great protector from the sun so we use it whenever we can.

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  • Asakuki
    Essential Oil Diffuser

    Silke + Kieran

    Since I was young I was intrigued with the power of essential oils. Being a student I used to have the smell of peppermint oil or lemongrass filling the room for concentration when I was studying. It helped me stay focused and on top of that, I loved the smell! 

    Later on, in my dance career, I preferred lavender, neroli, or rose as it really helped me relax! I started out using an old little aroma diffuser with a candle underneath, but after a time I started using the electric ones as it’s safer and you can leave it on all day! It also has some relaxing sounds which I personally really enjoy!
  • Héctor García

    Silke + Kieran

    This little book has changed my view on life so much! Ikigai is a Japanese concept referring to discovering a direction and your purpose in life. In this book, they talk about finding YOUR purpose, YOUR Ikigai. 

    What gets you out of bed every morning? What excites you, what makes you happy? They say that finding your Ikigai is the secret to living a longer and healthier life! This book is full of warm and lighthearted stories, talking about the oldest people on this planet, secrets about tea and so on.
  • Lady Apothecary

    Silke + Kieran

    Another remedy to assist with period pain is Lady Apothecary’s Harmonia. This is a masala chai, with Ayurvedic spices and creamy coconut milk for hormone balance. Whenever I am on my period I take CBD along with a warm cup of harmonia each morning which helps me so much! 

    Not only do my cramps leave, but I also enjoy a little alone time in stillness, enjoying this beautiful drink that takes me back to our time in India. Lady Apothecary also has other blends which help with: 

    Gut and immune tonicDisease fightingLongevity, love, libido, energy, staminaFertility
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