Billy’s Top 8 Best Accessories for Men

Billy’s Top 8 Best Accessories for Men

'With the right accessories, you can complete a look. I’ve certainly got more comfortable using accessories to style my outfits over the past few years and noticed the difference in how effective they are when it comes to bringing an outfit together.'

You can often be unsure of what accessories are best for men, but there's nothing wrong with getting some inspiration from others. Accessories are used to enhance your look, whether for your hair or wrist and come in endless forms. Make sure to stick around for Billy's top items from quick to purchase websites such as Amazon to make sure that you're ready for your next occassion.

'I’ve listed some accessories I use regularly, which have certainly impacted my style. Some products more practical than others, such as suitcases, and some purely style based such as jewellery. I love playing around and working accessories into an outfit, the items listed below are a few of my favourites.'

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Billy Brayshaw
Fashion Blogger, Model & Actor
  • Adidas
    Linear Core Bag

    Billy Brayshaw

    In case you missed the memo, the 90s is back with a vengeance. I’ve only started wearing cross body bags recently, and the first thing that surprised me was how handy they are. I only tend to wear them when I’m sporting a more street-style look, but I’ve found they are great bags for holding extra items such as my wallet, phone and camera. 

    This is a great bag and fits in with the 90s athletic aesthetic that’s a big trend right now. It feels well made, and it's easy to adjust to get to the most comfortable size for carrying. It has two compartments with a zip and ample storage for keeping your smaller items safe.
  • Boss
    Mens Connio Leather Belt With Branded Hardware Keeper

    Billy Brayshaw

    This Hugo Boss belt is a reasonably priced designer belt that’s of great quality and will stand the test of time. It works perfectly when going for a smarter look. I wear it mostly with high waisted black trousers, and because it's silver I’ll often add some silver jewellery to coordinate the look. 

    Be sure to check the size conversion from European to UK, for me it was slightly larger sizing, so I went one size below and it fits perfect. The leather feels very comfortable, and the belt itself isn't overly heavy.
  • Thetag
    Paisley Bandanas

    Billy Brayshaw

    I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered this pack of bandanas, given the price I really wasn’t expecting great quality – but I was wrong. I started wearing more bandanas since not being able to get into the hairdressers for so long and I wanted to keep my hair out of my face, now I wear them more as a fashion accessory.

    You get twelve different colours in this pack and they all feel soft and of great quality. The paisley print works well to keep in with current trends and I also love how multifunctional they are so you can use them as neck scarfs, wrist accessories, or even hanging from your trousers. I would recommend checking out some tutorials on youtube for the best ways to tie them (there are hundreds).
  • Apple Watch
    Series 6 GPS + Cellular

    Billy Brayshaw

    I love my Apple series six watch. The screen is gorgeous, and the integration with my iPhone is flawless. The watch itself is stylish and I love that I can select different watch faces, along with different wrist bands, so I can customise the look depending on what I’m wearing or how I’m feeling.

    This model is the GPS + CELLULAR, meaning I don’t have to be within range of my phone to use data. It comes with the black sports band, but you can find many other bands online, I opted for a silver strap so I can still wear my watch when going for a less casual look. 

    It has all the features you would expect from a smartwatch and more; heart notifications, sleep tracking, fitness tracking, cellular connectivity, etc. Because I have an iPhone, I decided to opt for the apple watch, so I’m not sure how this compares to other smartwatches. 

    I will say I’m super impressed with this device and I didn’t know I was missing out until I tried it. The biggest downside is the high price but for me it's worth it.
  • murtoo

    Billy Brayshaw

    The brown murtoo bracelet is a great quality leather bracelet and the perfect finish for a summer look. It feels very comfortable on the wrist, and the clasp makes it easy to put on. It comes in a nice gift bag and with an extra buckle should you need to adjust the size.

    It's reasonably priced and I was surprised how great the quality was. I would advise you to measure your wrist to make sure you get a perfect size. A really great accessory that adds something extra to a shirt or shirt.
  • American Tourister
    Bon Air Spinner Hand Luggage

    Billy Brayshaw

    Given that travel has been limited during this past year, it may be surprised I’ve still managed to make use out of my American Tourister Suitcase. This is such a handy case to have, its cabin luggage size means it’s convenient to take anywhere – even if it's just down the street and you’ve just got too much to carry. 

    This case has lasted me three years thus far and is still going strong after regular use. The four wheels make it easy to pull along beside you, or behind you using two wheels. It feels durable and has an inbuilt combination lock for security. The black hard case gives it a smart shiny finish, yet it's super lightweight.

    I also have the larger suitcase, and that’s just as good, although I use the cabin size a lot more, it's by far the best suitcase I’ve had. Let's just hope I can get even more use out of it going abroad soon!
  • Tommy Hilfiger
    Stockon Coin Passcase

    Billy Brayshaw

    After misplacing my £300 Louis Vuitton wallet last year, I decided to look for a cheaper alternative, given my lifelong habit of forever misplacing my belongings. The wallet fits nicely in my pocket and is a comfortable fit in the hand. 

    This simple and classy design is perfect for holding cash, cards and even a few coins in the extra buttoned pouch. It is made with smooth leather and I especially love the striped pattern detail inside. It feels great quality and isn’t overly pricey – which is perfect for me. Do wish me luck in holding onto this one longer than my last.
  • Diesel
    Necklace with Strap

    Billy Brayshaw

    Made from stainless steel and leather this tag necklace feels great around the neck. It's not too heavy or too light, which makes it perfect for wearing for long periods. I’m a big fan of Diesel jewellery, they have some great pieces. The product is presented well and comes in a Diesel gift box, which looks premium. I’ve been wearing mine for just over a month and I’m very happy with it.

    It works best when wearing a black vest and a shirt, layering it up and using the necklace as a finishing touch. I suppose the only downside is the fact that there isn’t much room to adjust it, in order to lift it higher. You are able to adjust it slightly, but I would have liked a tighter fitted option.

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