Shannon's Top 10 Must-Have Accessories for Curly Hair

Shannon's Top 10 Must-Have Accessories for Curly Hair

Often when we think of caring for curly hair, leave-in conditioners, treatments and cleansers come to mind but we often overlook just how important the accessories we use to care for our curls are! They can make or break our hair (literally) and thanks to the rise in natural curly hair focused brands we now have a huge selection of amazing tools that help to make everyday curly haircare easier. 

We speak to natural curly hair blogger and YouTuber 'UK Curly Girl' for her top 10 must-have accessories for curly hair. With an informative Instagram, YouTube Channel and blog as well as a gorgeous head of curls herself, we just had to ask her for all her tips and tricks!

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UK Curly Girl
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  • O So Curly
    Satin Pillowcase (Reversible)

    UK Curly Girl

    This product is life-changing! Say bye-bye to waking up with strands of hair on your pillow and tangles at the back of your head on top of dryness and frizz. This satin pillowcase fits snuggly around your pillow and protects your curls while you sleep, while the smoothness of the satin allows your hair to slide effortlessly whilst tossing and turning, unlike regular cotton fabric which creates friction resulting in breakage. 

    Cotton material also soaks up all of the moisture from your skin and hair, which is a huge problem for us curlies who are naturally prone to dryness. Switching to a satin pillowcase allows your hair to stay moisturised and intact when you wake up in the morning allowing for less styling time the next day. A huge win for those who like a lay in! 

    The O So Curly satin pillowcase has an elastic rim which allows you to cover the pillowcase around different sized pillows and is reversible so you have an option of colours to choose from.
    Cordless Heat Cap

    UK Curly Girl

    I love this savvy accessory as it is so easy to use and makes a huge difference to your deep conditioning sessions. The cap is filled with flax seeds which warm up when placed in the microwave for a few minutes. Once the outside is hot you can then place the cap over your shower cap whilst your hair is saturated with a deep conditioner. 

    Adding the heat to your hair whilst deep conditioning really opens up the hair cuticles which in return allows your deep conditioner to get right into the strands and work its magic even greater than it would without the added heat. 

    I use mine for about 30 minutes and find that my curls always feel much softer and shiner once rinsing! The heat cap also comes in a wide selection of colours and patterns, making it a great gift.
  • Denman
    D31 Brush

    UK Curly Girl

    The Denman D31 brush is the best hairbrush for curly hair - yes I said it! I have used this brush for over 20 years and am in love with how it smooths through curls and thicker hair with so much ease, ending up with less breakage than your other standard brushes on the market. 

    The D31 brush has fewer rows which caters for curly hair better, as more rows would create a lot of breakage when fighting through tangles. It is also very easy to wash and lasts for years! Make sure to use the brush on your hair in sections, brushing the ends first and working your way upwards to the roots lastly.
  • Tangle Teezer
    Thick & Curly Detangling Hairbrush

    UK Curly Girl

    For those who suffer from really bad tangles, this tool is for you! It uses Firmflex technology, a beautiful shape and amazingly designed bristles to allow for smooth and painless detangling, perfect for those who have kids with curly hair! 

    Simply add water and a leave-in conditioner to the hair and work the Tangle Teezer gently through the knot. You'll get rid of it in no time! The Tangle Teezers are available in a range of colours and styles to suit different hair types. I particularly recommend the 'thick and curly' style if you have thick and curly hair like me.
  • The Curly Co.
    Collapsible Hair Diffuser

    UK Curly Girl

    A lot of curlies prefer to blow dry their curls instead of air drying which cuts down styling time and gives your curls that extra bounce and volume desired within the curly hair community. This is achieved safely by using a diffuser! 

    Simply attach the diffuser to the head of your blow dryer, select a low heat and tip your curls into the round section. The key is to not touch your curls whilst they are drying, which will help to prevent any frizz. 

    The stretchy silicone material allows the attachment to fit any sized blow dryer, and it collapses, making it easier to store around the house (more space for other hair products, yay!).
  • Polyte
    Microfibre Towels

    UK Curly Girl

    We are all in need of a hair towel at some point in our curly hair routine but it is highly recommended to steer away from using your generic bath towels as they cause a lot of friction and frizz when drying curly hair. 

    Microfibre towels are gentle and soak up the excess water from the hair without leaving it dry and you’ll notice your curls won’t get caught up in the material, which is common with regular bath towels. Wrap your curls in a microfiber towel after washing and before styling to leave your hair damp (I always prefer to style damp hair!).
  • O So Curly
    Mist Spray Bottle

    UK Curly Girl

    As curlies we don't always want to have to wet our hair in the shower just to restyle day 2/3 hair, so to avoid this you can simply dampen your hair with some water in a spray bottle and add your styling products as desired.

    The 'O So Curly' mist spray bottle will make this process 100 times faster thanks to the 360 mist function which dampens larger sections of your hair in just one spray! It also sprays continuously allowing you to reach right around and under your curls (perfect for those with longer and thicker hair). 

    I like to fill my bottle with a few drops of my favourite curly hair styler and water, shake it up and spray any dry or frizzy sections of my hair to give them the revamp they need!
  • GaGasoul
    Bobby Pins

    UK Curly Girl

    The secret to keeping all flyaways in place is... bobby pins! I'm pretty sure that we have all used one of these before, often buying packs of 100 and wondering why there are only 2 left a few months later. But they are still a vital accessory needed for any curly girl when it comes to keeping styles in place! Perfect for updos. 

    They come in different colours and sizes to suit your hair colour and length. I love to use bobby pins to keep sleek buns in place without having your hairband poking out! A great hack for any hairstyle.
  • KTOO
    Edge Brush

    UK Curly Girl

    This is a must-have for when you want a sleek updo or bun hairstyle! Work in your choice of hair gel or edge control with the bristle side of this comb, which is the perfect size to easily smooth and manipulate the edges of your hair (also known as baby hair) to your desired look! 

    Want to try creating dramatic waves and swirls? This comb is perfect for that look. I also love that this tool has multiple functions, with a bristle brush on one side and a mini comb on the other, and a sharp end that can be used to part the hair into sections. This product is super affordable but a must for any curly girl's collection.
  • Aphrodite
    Hair Steamer

    UK Curly Girl

    Similar but a level up from the heat cap mentioned above, this product is a game-changer when it comes to your deep conditioning treatments. It's multifunctional, too, as the steam can also be used on your face for a spa-like treatment. 

    This steamer, which can sit on your countertop, works by warming up filtered water within the attachable hood. You simply place your head inside whilst deep conditioning your hair for the ultimate hair treatment: think salon-level experience in the comfort of your home!

    I like to place a shower cap over my hair whilst it’s saturated in deep conditioner and sit under the steamer for 20 minutes. After that, once I rinse out the product, my hair is left feeling so soft and moisturised!

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