Chloe and Talib's Top 7 Products for Campervans

Chloe and Talib's Top 7 Products for Campervans

'This list of loved products is all about creating an aesthetically beautiful tiny home on wheels.'

Chloe and Talib who you may know as Indigo & Olive have curated this wonderful list of products for your campervan. It isn't every day you are able to easily browse through hand picked selections of items, so this list really is something special. 

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Chloe and Talib
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  • Just Fabrics
    Linen Upholstery

    Chloe and Talib

    As the sofa/bed area of the campervan usually takes up a good proportion of the space, a natural linen or texture creates a timeless, stylish finish. Something with texture and a nice weave also stays looking cleaner for longer. 

    We always use an upholsterer to create tight looking covers with a zip so that they can be washed. Try natural wheat or oat colours that could be decorated with subtle colours to give your space an earthy, Morrocan feel. We love these tones with all shades of wood.
  • This Moving House
    Farmhouse Sink

    Chloe and Talib

    Sometimes a fresh, white country style sink is a great look in a van and really practical with lots of space for dishes and good drainage. 

    These lightweight sinks don't have the ceramic satin look but are an awesome lightweight alternative, which is something you have to consider with all appliances in the camper.

    This sink is also designed to sit flush with your countertops which means you could add a wooden board lid to use as a chopping board or extra countertop space.
  • Lakeland Paints
    Eco Paint

    Chloe and Talib

    Choosing a good, durable paint for your small space is not only important to be durable against marking, but it is best to find something non toxic for such a confined space. 

    Lakeland offer very low VOC paints that are safe and wipeable, in a variety of colours. Although we also love chalk, lime wash paints, they are really hard to maintain in areas that could get splashed or rubbed up against, which will happen!
  • Fired Earth

    Chloe and Talib

    Although a lot of people opt for sticker tiles, we always go for the real thing as you only need a small amount in such a small space. Try to use genuine materials as much as you can for an authentic style and quality feel.

    Lovely handmade tiles come in so many varieties, places like Fired Earth have a great selection. We actually go for a strong adhesive such as CT1 and then use a flexible grout. Make sure you choose pre-treated tiles for low maintenance.
  • Osmo
    Wood Oil Treatment

    Chloe and Talib

    You should always treat any wood you use, this helps protect and stop the wood from expanding and being affected by heat. It also gives the wood your desired finish, in you have stained the wood then go for something clear, or you can bring out the depth in hardwood tones. 

    We love this sealer because it's not toxic and is safe to use on countertops and floors, especially if you have little ones around.
  • Hamid
    Giralda Jute Rug

    Chloe and Talib

    A rug is a great way to cosy up a space, keep your feet warm and add a beautiful texture. We find Jute rugs do this and don't show up dirt very easily, so are great for an area which you are constantly walking on. 

    Always check the measurement of your space so that it will fit well, and try to avoid low quality Jute rugs. You can even find runners that would run the whole length of your van. If you have an aisle, this would look great!
  • Msc
    White Coloured String Fairy Lights

    Chloe and Talib

    This very affordable product is a great way to add some low mood lighting and a homely feeling. The small discrete copper LED lights plug straight into USB ports and thanks to the copper wire, it even looks nice when they're not switched on, unlike regular fairy lights. 

    They can also be wound up into a neat ball for storage and don't tangle easily. We've found they are not sensitive and don't break easily

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