Monique's 10 Subscription Services That Are Actually Worth It

Monique's 10 Subscription Services That Are Actually Worth It

'Subscriptions have come far from just simple streaming services. Now you can so much more at a regular frequency that makes your life easier. 

Nowadays if you don't have enough time many people turn to subscriptions. Whether or not you're busy, there are many subscription services that are fun to have anyway and the range is incredible. Food, books, self care, and so much more. There are thousands of subscription services waiting to be enjoyed for all of your tastes. Here are some I've enjoyed over the years.'

Monique of Novel Allure has curated a list of subscription services that you will want to be subscribed to. It can be overwhelming trying to find what types of services are on offer, and whether you really need them, so let Monique guide you to making some well informed decisions.

From Korean snacks subscriptions to artisanal candle companies, there is sure to be at least one subscription that you didn't know you needed!

  • Ordo
    Ordo Dental Hygiene Subscription Service

    Monique Jackson

    We all need to brush our teeth and although you can all your dental hygiene needs from a supermarket but Ordo really impressed with their technology and aesthetic. Ordo presents a solution for a wide problem many of us a probably guilty of which is not replacing our toothbrushes for 9 months on average. 

    Ordo wants to eliminate this bad habit whilst bringing convenience to everyone by way of subscription. There are two stylish and minimal electric toothbrush choices and they both come in three colours each. The first is the battery-powered portable brush with 25,000 sonic pulses per minute.

    There is also the Sonic+ brush with 4 brush modes, an in-built lithium-ion battery and 40,000 sonic pulses per minute to offer a superior clean at a cheaper cost than many other known brands. Ordo brushes have a 2 minute time with track pulses every 30 seconds. 

    They're convenient and you don't have to mess around with cables since they're battery-powered and batteries are provided as part of your subscription too. I personally was delighted when I stumbled across Ordo because I was in need of a good quality toothbrush but didn't want to spend too much money. I don't have to think about replacing the heads, running out of toothpaste or battery power.
  • Fetch Cider Club
    Fetch Cider Club Subscription Service

    Monique Jackson

    I love trying new things, especially drinks. Fetch Cider Club by Sean McFetrich is a family run business in the South Coast. They have unique cider and craft beers every month. 

    You can cancel or pause anytime and with every subscription you get exclusive discounts every month, a copy of Full Juice Magazine, invitations to events and members discounts. This is one that I dabble in a few times a year and it's amazing if you're having friends over and want to do a little tasting night of your own.
  • Osusume Books
    Osusume Books Subscription Service

    Monique Jackson

    If you love Japanese literature as much as I do you need to try Osusume books. It's so much fun and they always have new things to offer. 

    The main form of subscription at the moment is 'Japanese Book Subscription for Amazon Kindle' so people everywhere can have access but they also have blind options if you're interested in buying a book that you know nothing about. 

    You can get the bookworm bundle, books from all genres, literary fiction romance and drama or mystery and thriller. My personal favourites are always the thrillers and I've enjoyed them all. It's like receiving gifts every month.
  • Flaming Licks
    Flaming Licks Subscription Service

    Monique Jackson

    Every month Flaming Licks provides you with hot sauce to use for cooking or simply as a sauce, it's your choice! Despite this being the main unique selling point, you also get some other goodies in there too, such as some snacks, recipe cards which are great to keep. 

    It's free delivery in the UK, there are vegan options and the box is made from 100% recycled fibres. Flaming Licks is a great idea to add some excitement to your kitchen and food. You can also buy BBQ sauces and craft beer if you want extras outside of the subscription.
  • Iggy Box
    Iggy Box Subscription Service

    Monique Jackson

    I don't know about you but I love coming to a home that smells of my favourite scents. It makes my home feel more welcoming and it's just nice to have an aroma around. 

    Iggy Box has two options, 'The Little One' and 'The Big One'. The Little One includes 35 hour burn candles and a nice box of matches with a little extra surprise too. The only difference with The Big One is that the candle burn is 45 hours. They're natural and eco-friendly candles that release no parabens. 

    You can also buy other things without subscribing such as candles, diffusers, wax trimmers and socks. Iggy Box gives you all the cosy vibes and will guarantee to make you feel more at home.
  • Loot Crate
    Exclusive Anime and Manga Collectibles + Gear

    Monique Jackson

    Loot Anime is so much fun if you're an anime and/or manga lover. Every month you get a themed box full of random and fun things. It can include t-shirts, crockery (usually a cool cup), books, figurines and many more things. 

    If you're feeling something different Loot has many more options on their site too if you want to switch up your subscription such as, Loot Sc-Fi, Loot WWE, Loot Rick and Morty, Loot Marvel and dozens of others, so all of your nerdy needs are catered too! I change mine regularly depending on what's on offer. The best part is that a lot of the things in Loot Crate cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Satisfiction
    Satisfiction Subscription Service

    Monique Jackson

    Another book box here but with a fabulous twist. Satisfiction is a new book subscription box that focuses on self care. 

    Every month you will get a great read, a full sized featured item that could be body butter, moisturizers, scrubs or serums, a candle or aromatherapy spray, bath soaks, sheet masks and 5% of the proceeds go to literacy programs. 

    If you don't want the book there's the option for just the items and an option for just the book too. It's bi-monthly and made with care so everyone else can feel cared for. This is one of a kind.
  • Caravan Coffee Roasters
    Caravan Coffee Roasters Subscription Service

    Monique Jackson

    Many of us have our morning coffee every day but if you're looking to change it up a bit, try these guys. They have a great variety of coffee options and you can choose from espresso and filter.

    If you want to just buy the coffee this is also an option as well as a tasting set, which is a lot of fun. Caravan Coffee Roasters take pride in their coffee roasts and providing quality to their customers and it definitely shows when you have that first sip in the morning.
  • The Perfume Society
    Quarterly Subscription

    Monique Jackson

    I'm sure we can all agree that smelling good is one of our top priorities when it comes to taking care of ourselves. The perfume society offers quarterly and annual subscriptions delivering some of the most elegant and gorgeous fragrance on the market.

    They can also help you find scents similar to those that have been discontinued in major places with your own virtual fragrance advisor. They offer niche perfumes and celebrity scents too but it depends on the month. Perfumes can be quite expensive and The Perfume Society is a pretty reasonable option if you want to keep some perfumes on your dressing table.
  • Daeback
    SnackFever Subscription Service

    Monique Jackson

    Snack Fever started in 2015 in LA but now operates in Seoul, Korea sharing amazing Korean snacks to those who want them. 

    Every month you get 10-13 Korean snacks to try, one ramen or doshirak and lots more. As with many other subscription boxes you can buy other cool things from Snack Fever such as clothing, BTS merch and stationary.

    It's a very simple and diverse box that lets you try something new from Korea each month. This is by far one of my favourites and it will be yours too if you love food and snacks.

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